"Lyon is all about life"
That's how a freshman once summed up his first year's experience here at Lyon. And that may be the perfect definition of what a college should be: an exploration of life in all its mystery and wonder, with an emphasis on the life of the mind and the way in which it enlightens all other aspects of life - from the way you choose to live to the way you choose to earn your living.

That is the kind of experience Lyon students are seeking - the kind of exhilarating, demanding, life-defining experience that fosters high levels of achievement and makes the best preparation, not only for graduate school or a profession, but also for living a full and meaningful life.

As you search for the right college to prepare you for life, take a good look at Lyon College. We feel confident that you will like what you see. So research and test Lyon College, and if you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can write, call (1-800-423-2542), or
e-mail us. Our Admissions Representatives are here to help you learn about Lyon. We are excited that your search for life has led you here.